What is Meta’s Horizon Workrooms?

meta horizon workrooms

Business enterprises are using immersive technology primarily for unified communications and collaboration. Around 95 percent of organizations aim to expand their investments in immersive technology to provide better remote collaboration and training. This is primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the fifth annual XR Industry Insider Survey. And horizon workrooms are the future of future business. How?

Businesses are embracing virtual reality to adapt remote working technology to high-touch situations. Without requiring participants to be there in person, it simulates all the dynamics of face-to-face interactions and group discussions. Therefore, organizations like Meta (formerly Facebook) are optimistic about UC&C in VR, especially in the metaverse. Horizon Workrooms, Facebook’s latest VR service, is already taking the metaverse a step closer to reality. Let’s find out more about horizon workrooms. 

What is Meta’s Horizon Workrooms?

Facebook’s Horizon Workrooms aims to be your go-to place for metaverse collaboration. The Horizon Workrooms platform enables virtual reality (VR) workstations, calendar apps, file sharing, chat, and more. Consider it as a digital replica of your office’s conference room, lounge, or huddle area. 

The place is combined with all useful tools and technologies for collaboration. Would you like to type in a virtual space? You can port your keyboard at horizon workrooms. Do you want to grunt your disapproval at your coworkers or smile? Workroom avatars support complex facial expressions. Do you wish to hold prolonged meetings remotely? Participants can synchronize their calendar apps and dial in through virtual reality or video.

Businesses around the world had already embraced remote and hybrid work before the introduction of virtual workrooms. Besides, workrooms attempted to make high-touch capabilities available to remote workers, eliminating the need for travel or in-person meetings.

In July 2021, just before that month’s earnings call, CEO Mark Zuckerberg described his goals for creating the metaverse. After then, virtual workrooms for Oculus were made available in open beta by meta (previously Facebook). Although you can attend meetings online as well, horizon workrooms support the Oculus Quest 2 series of headsets including the Quest Pro. Additionally, Facebook’s gradually expanding VR app catalog included horizon workrooms when it launched. However, virtual workrooms now have more potential in the metaverse. It will make it possible for third-party VR apps to interact with each other in a professional capacity. Others are likely to follow Zoom’s example and partner with meta-virtual workrooms. Metaverse may someday include the entire unified communication environment. Let’s look at how horizon workrooms affect the metaverse experience as a whole.

Key Features of Horizon Workrooms

The seven core employee capabilities of virtual workrooms are the same as those announced by meta in August. Workrooms’ built-in default space can be customized. You can make many rooms for various uses and add special logos, put up posters and adjust the background. For now, the basic design, including the placement of walls and furniture, won’t change.

  • There will be an infinite whiteboard available in any room on the app, and you can access it with a pen-like device. You can project data and images from your PC onto whiteboards because they are permanent surfaces.
  • You can broadcast your desktop image and manage your peripherals from a virtual reality environment using the new Oculus Remote Desktop app. Workrooms now supports five different trackable keyboard configurations. It will be possible to access every edit done in Workrooms outside of VR.
  • With horizon workrooms, you can create highly customizable Facebook avatars. Besides, you can hear audio depending on where the speaker is seated with low latency spatial audio. Your Outlook or Google calendar can be synchronized with horizon workrooms. In addition, each room will have a persistent address for taking notes, sharing files, and chatting.
  • With Quest and Quest 2, your headset can recognize your hands and fingers with inside-out cameras. Instead of using controllers, you can use your hands to interact with the system.
  • Participants can join in using VR, video calls, or by clicking a meeting link, just like with other UC apps. Workrooms will initially be able to accommodate 16 VR participants at a time and 50 participants overall, including video.

When is it possible to begin working together on Horizon Workrooms?

The open beta for horizon workrooms began in August, and it has been developing ever since. Besides, workrooms are open to anyone over the age of 18 who wants to start a virtual workspace for their team. To protect employee privacy, you must create a separate Workroom account from your Oculus and Facebook accounts.

Additionally, meta has revealed improvements such as Instant Remote Desktop Connection and augmented reality integration. Oculus’ Space Sense technology will enhance the virtual boundary mechanism by automatically detecting objects and intruders. Zoom previously announced a partnership with meta horizon world that makes use of whiteboarding and video calls. Early 2022 is anticipated to see the release of these functionalities.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Meta Horizontal Workrooms

Meta horizontal workrooms are a type of collaborative workspace that can provide a number of benefits for businesses and organizations. Meta-horizontal workrooms encourage collaboration and communication among team members. There is no difficulty in reconfiguring the meta-horizontal workroom to conform to the needs of various teams and projects. Having an open layout in a meta horizontal workroom can reduce distractions and increase focus, which improves productivity. Besides, the use of meta-horizontal workrooms can be more cost-effective than traditional office spaces because they use space more efficiently. With a comfortable and modern work environment that promotes collaboration and creativity, meta-horizontal workrooms can improve employee satisfaction. Here are some steps for using Horizon Workrooms for your business:

Create an account

Sign up for a meta account and create a new workroom. You can customize the appearance and layout of your workroom to fit your business needs.

Invite team members

Once your workroom is set up, invite your team members to join. They will need to have a meta account and a VR headset to participate.

Host meetings

Use the workroom to host virtual meetings with your team. You can use the built-in audio and video conferencing tools to communicate, and the virtual environment makes it easy to share documents and collaborate on projects.

Create work areas 

Create different areas within your workroom for different tasks or projects. For example, you can create a brainstorming area, a meeting area, and a shared workspace.

Use the built-in tools

 Horizon Workrooms comes with a variety of built-in tools to help you collaborate effectively. You can use the whiteboard to brainstorm ideas, the 3D modeling tool to create visual aids, and the document-sharing feature to share files with your team.

Track progress

Use Horizon Workrooms to track the progress on your projects. You can use the built-in task management tools to assign tasks to team members and monitor their progress.

Customize the experience

You can customize the virtual environment to fit your brand and make it more engaging for your team. For example, you can add your company logo, create custom avatars, and change the lighting and background.

Access from anywhere

One of the main advantages of Horizon Workrooms is that it allows teams to work together from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection and VR headset, which makes it a great solution for remote teams.

In an open work environment, there may be little to no physical barriers separating individual workspaces, which can make it difficult for employees to maintain privacy and confidentiality. Employees may have difficulty concentrating on their work when there are no physical barriers between them and the office noise.The actions of coworkers may also distract employees, lowering productivity and increasing errors without physical barriers. In the absence of the ability to personalize their workspaces, employees may not feel engaged or motivated at work.

Overall, Horizon Workrooms is a powerful platform for businesses that want to create immersive, collaborative spaces for remote teams. With its built-in tools and customizable environment, it makes it easy to host meetings, collaborate on projects, and track progress.

Final Words

Hope you now understand how Horizon workrooms can help you keep in touch with your employees. It completely replicates real workrooms for you and your teammates. Furthermore, meta is expecting to add more features to the horizon worlds. From office work to travelling everything will be like the physical world. 


How do I Get Horizon workrooms?

To access Horizon Workrooms, a virtual reality (VR) collaboration tool developed by Meta (formerly known as Facebook), you’ll need to ensure you have the necessary hardware, such as a Meta Quest Pro or Meta Quest 2 VR headset, or the Meta Quest mobile app installed on a compatible device. Next, you can download and install the Workrooms application from the Meta Quest Store using your VR headset or mobile app. Once the application is installed, you can sign up for a Workrooms account using your Meta account at workrooms.workplace.com/signup.

 After signing up, you can log in to Workrooms using your Meta account credentials, which will grant you access to Workrooms’ virtual collaboration environment. You can then set up your virtual avatar to personalize your virtual presence in Workrooms, and start collaborating with colleagues in virtual meetings, using the various features and tools available in the Workrooms environment. It’s important to note that the availability and features of Horizon Workrooms may be subject to change, and it’s recommended to check the official Meta website or contact Meta directly for the most up-to-date information on accessing and using Workrooms or any other Meta products and services.

How Much Does Meta Workrooms Cost?

Workrooms is a free virtual reality (VR) collaboration tool developed by Meta (formerly known as Facebook). There is currently no cost associated with using Workrooms, and users can access its features without any subscription or payment. Workrooms allows users to collaborate in a shared virtual environment, attend virtual meetings, and use various interactive tools for communication and productivity.

As of now, there is no premium or paid version of Workrooms, and users can enjoy its functionalities at no cost. It’s important to note, however, that while Workrooms itself is free to use, users may still need to purchase or own compatible VR hardware, such as a Meta Quest Pro or Meta Quest 2 VR headset, in order to access and utilize the Workrooms application. It’s recommended to check the official Meta website or contact Meta directly for any potential updates or changes to the cost or availability of Workrooms.

Can you use Meta workrooms without headset?

Yes, it is possible to use Meta’s Workrooms without a headset, but some of the features such as virtual reality will not be accessible.

How many people can use meta horizontal workroom?

Horizon workroom enables users to work together in a virtual environment, regardless of their physical location. When it comes to the maximum number of participants, Workrooms meetings can be joined by up to 50 people.

 However, in terms of the number of people who can join a meeting in VR, the maximum limit is 16. This means that up to 16 participants can use their VR headsets to fully immerse themselves in the virtual environment and interact with each other as if they were in the same room. Others who do not have access to a VR headset can still join the meeting through the Workrooms web app, which allows them to see and hear the VR participants and participate in the meeting just like everyone else. It is worth noting that although the total number of participants allowed is 50, only 16 of them can join the meeting in VR at a time.

What devices are in Horizon Workroom? 

Horizon Workrooms is equipped with various tools and features to enhance collaboration and productivity in a virtual environment. These tools include VR workstations, virtual whiteboards, and chat functionality with virtual replicas of office tools. The platform also offers convenient features such as file sharing and integrations with calendar apps to facilitate seamless collaboration. In addition, participants have the option to join the workroom through their VR headset for a fully immersive experience or dial in using their video conferencing app to attend remote meetings in the workroom.


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