Do I Need a Metaverse Headset To Experience Metaverse?  

metaverse headset

There is a lot of hype about how the metaverse will change our lives. Metaverses allow people to use virtual reality simulations for entertainment, social networking, and education. Using a 3D virtual world, users can explore and interact with it just like they would in the physical world. 

Metaverse is a hypothetical universe of social connections based on the internet as a universal and immersive virtual world. You can experience the world in a new way with virtual reality headsets. But the question is, “is it necessary to use a metaverse headset to experience the metaverse world?”. There is no easy answer to this question, as the topic is quite complex.  Continue reading to understand the metaverse world and get an answer to your question.

What is the metaverse? 

The metaverse is an online, 3D space where users interact with each other and with models and avatars generated by computers. The internet serves as the underlying network for this virtual world. A metaverse can be used for social networking, online gaming, education, or training. It is possible to make virtual worlds that reflect the real world or to create entirely new and imaginary worlds. 

What is a metaverse headset?

The VR glasses are a screen that you wear on your head. Metaverse headsets are more than just stereoscopic displays. In addition to stereo sound, gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers, and structured light systems, VR headsets often feature stereo sound systems. A few headsets even come with built-in game controllers. Together, these features make virtual reality seem like physical reality regarding its sights, sounds, and environment. It is generally assumed that the metaverse will be built with virtual reality glasses in mind. However, people predict several features require augmented reality (AR) glasses.

Do I need a metaverse headset to experience metaverse?  

No! Most metaverse experiences are accessible through computers, smartphones, or video game consoles. You can use a keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, or controller to move around and explore the virtual world. There will be a smaller field of view on your screen, but you will still be able to participate in the metaverse.

Besides, metaverse access is not currently centralized. According to Baggili, a cybersecurity expert, multiple platforms offer VR, augmented reality, and extended reality. However, there is no single portal for using them. Multiplier companies now offer gaming, virtual workplaces, real estate, and shopping experiences. Examples include Fortnite, Roblox, decentral, and Sandbox. The VR headset allows users to navigate these worlds using voice controls, eye movements, or motion sensors. It creates the illusion of being physically present in the virtual world. 

Fortnite, Rec Room, and Horizon Worlds are examples of top metaverse games where we can access the metaverse. Moreover, tech companies are experimenting with a wide range of uses of the metaverse, such as hosting concerts, creating virtual stadiums, and creating virtual malls. 

Some experts may argue that we don’t need such headsets to enter the metaverse. Metaverse access may be possible through smartphones, similar to internet access. Currently, we don’t know if we will be able to access the metaverse. We may be able to define a way of entering the metaverse as we gain more knowledge about it. 

Metaverses are part of the future vision and have been around for several years. Sainsbury’s put together a VR shopping demo during the first boom of virtual reality in the 90s. The concept of virtual worlds has been around for a long time, especially if you have followed online gaming in the past few decades. 

Second Life, launched in 2003, is a virtual gaming setup that best depicts the metaverse as we know it today. This game is designed as a role-playing game for the future where avatars interact and hang out together in virtual worlds. Through these virtual spaces, we can experience a wide range of real-life activities, including clubbing and business meetings.

In addition to the virtual economy, the game has its currency. Compared to the current textbook metaverse, Second Life is a good example. 

PlayStation Home is another early version of the metaverse, launched in 2008 but shut down in 2015. Despite not going anywhere, it is an interesting example of how a corporate metaverse might look. However, it does prefigure Zukerberg’s recent metaverse demo. 

Why do people use metaverse headsets to access Horizon World? 

VR allows you to enter the metaverse by wearing headgear that blocks out the real world, allowing you to immerse yourself in the virtual world. Additionally, virtual worlds feel real, and the controllers you hold in each hand let you control your avatar and interact with objects.

The visual aspects of the metaverse are much less immersive when you don’t wear a headset. While you can guide your avatar from a computer, you won’t fully “become” them as you would with a headset. In addition to the less immersive controls, you can still do many of the same things, but there is a greater separation between you and the world.

Wrapping up

Hope you have got a clear answer to the question of whether you need a metaverse headset to enter the Horizon world. We must wait to find out what the metaverse will be like in the future. Will VR glasses and virtual gaming worlds remain the same, or will they be used to escape our current reality? There have been endless discussions about the metaverse since Facebook announced its rebranding to Meta. We have to wait for future updates and improvements to understand the metaverse concept and how it will change the future. 

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