Horizon Workrooms: Things You Don’t Know

Metaverse workrooms

Integrated communications and collaboration are the most promising applications of immersive technology. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 95 percent of organizations plan to invest in immersive technology to enhance remote collaboration and training. 

Virtual reality is becoming a more important focus area for organizations. They are adopting remote working technologies for high-touch scenarios. It replicates in-person conversations and group discussions without requiring participants to be present. Companies like Meta (formerly Facebook) are optimistic about Horizon Workrooms. 

As part of its vision for the metaverse, Facebook is already expanding Horizon Workrooms. But most of us don’t know about Horizon Workrooms and how it works. This article will discuss everything you need to know about Horizon Workrooms, available on the Meta Quest devices.

What is Horizon Workrooms?

Horizon Workrooms enables employees to gather in a virtual space using VR or the web. It is a virtual workspace where employees can chat, share files, arrange meetings, and more. The virtual station will replicate the office space. 

Think of it as a virtual version of your office conference room, lounge, or huddle zone, complete with all the collaboration tools. Would you like to type inside a virtual room? Do you want to smile at your colleagues or show disagreement by frowning? Workroom avatars support complex facial expressions. Want to hold a long-distance meeting? Through VR or video, participants can dial in and sync their calendar apps. 

With Horizon Workrooms, Facebook aims to be your one-stop destination for work and collaboration. 

Horizon Workrooms: How it works in the metaverse 

Horizon Workrooms was launched in August 2021, when remote and hybrid work became increasingly popular. Through Workrooms, remote workers gain access to high-touch capabilities without commuting or meeting in person. 

Mark Zuckerberg outlined his plans for building the metaverse during his earnings call in July 2021. Meta (formerly Facebook) launched Horizon Workrooms for Oculus in open beta. 

To begin using “Horizon Workrooms,” you’ll need an Oculus VR headset. Currently, the “Quest 2” starts at $299. You can download the free Workrooms application to create a virtual workspace if you have a headset. Those with Oculus devices are eligible to join the conference.

Don’t have a headset? Team members without Oculus equipment can still join the room via a conference call link, which displays them as video calls inside the room.

Key Features of Horizon Workrooms 

Personalized workspaces 

Workrooms come with a default space that can be customized. Create multiple rooms with different purposes, add unique logos, put up posters, change the background scenery, etc.

Virtual whiteboard 

Using a pen-like controller, you can use an infinite whiteboard in every app room. You can project files and images from your PC to the whiteboard. 

VR replica of your workstation 

You can control your peripherals and stream your desktop image from a VR environment using Oculus Remote Desktop. Workrooms currently support five trackable keyboard variants. 

Ultra-customizable avatars and audio 

Horizon Workrooms offers Facebook’s ultra-customizable avatars with “a quintillion combinations.” Low-latency spatial audio enhances the immersive experience, bringing audio to the listener based on the speaker’s location.

Productivity capabilities 

You can integrate virtual Workrooms with your Outlook or Google calendar. During and after meetings, each room will have a persistent address for capturing notes, sharing files, sending chat messages, etc. 

Hand-based navigation 

Quest and Quest 2 ship with inside-out cameras that detect your finger’s and hands’ orientation. Besides, the Quest Pro is also heading to market soon. Workrooms allow you to use your hands instead of controllers as the primary input. 

Multi-device compatibility 

UC apps allow participants to join via VR, video calls, or meeting links. A VR workroom can accommodate 16 people, and a video workroom can accommodate 50 participants. 

Safety and Privacy in Horizon Workrooms

Regarding social media platforms and business needs, privacy is a major concern. Virtual Workrooms is no exception to that rule. Workrooms implement several security features in addition to account separation. Workrooms’ networking stack is an essential element of privacy. Sensitive information is processed locally rather than over a remote network.

The Passthrough process, for example, takes place on your computer. You cannot share Passthrough content with anyone unless you explicitly do so. Additionally, users can feel safe socially. When you sign up for Workrooms, you agree to the Facebook Community Standards and Conduct in VR Policy. As a result, a user is subject to both Meta’s and the room’s creator’s rules.

When Can You Start Collaborating on Horizon Workrooms? 

Meta Workrooms has continued to evolve since its open beta launch in August. The Workrooms service is available to anyone who is 18 years or older. To do this, you will need a separate Workroom account, which is separate from your Oculus account. The virtual Workrooms are under development and will offer more features in the future. 

In Conclusion

Aside from these initial features, Meta has announced enhancements like Instant Remote Desktop Connection and smarter AR integration. Meta’s Quest 2 will also have a Space Sense feature that automatically detects objects and intruders. Zoom has already announced a partnership with Meta Workrooms (the first of its kind), including whiteboarding and video calls. These features are expected to debut in early 2022. Many possibilities and opportunities are emerging after the launch of virtual Workrooms. 

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