Meta Quest Pro Review 2022: In-depth Analysis 

Meta Quest Pro

The Meta Quest Pro is a virtual reality headset manufactured by Meta. It was released in October 2022, following an announcement in October 2021. Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg says this is a “high-end device that’s designed for work and anyone who wants the best” technology Meta can offer. In comparison to Quest 2, there are so many differences. You can transfer your real-life expressions to your avatar using Meta Quest Pro’s color pass-through mode. During Meta Connect, the company revealed the top specs, features, price, and release date of the upcoming AR and VR hardware. Our Quest Pro review will help you learn more about next-generation VR. 

Meta Quest Pro Review 2022: Everything You Need to Know 

Quest Pro features 12GB of RAM and ten powerful VR/MR sensors. The device provides 50% performance improvements over the Oculus Quest 2. In addition, it features a USB-C type charging port as well as a powerful battery providing 5000 milliamp hours. 

Meta has made huge strides in terms of visuals as well in Quest Pro. To provide clear and sharp visuals, the VR set comes with two LCD screens that feature quantum dots technology. The thin pancake optics fold light several times, reducing the depth of the optical module by 40%. There is a 37% increase in pixel density over Quest 2, as well as a 25% improvement in full-field visual sharpness in the center view. In addition, the Quest Pro provides a 50% improvement in peripheral vision.

Each display will have a 75% greater range of contrast due to new dimming software and backlighting hardware. While the company hadn’t revealed the exact specs of the display, like its resolution. But, according to the company, the device will have continuous lens spacing adjustment tools (55 mm-75 mm) to help adjust immersion levels. A brand new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ processor has been developed in collaboration with Meta for the Meta Quest Pro.

Design and controllers

Meta Quest Pro offers one of the sleekest takes on the medium so far. It’s said that the slimmer design is due to the pancake lenses within the optics, and the fact that the battery is now located in the headband.

However, the biggest difference is that the device does not dominate your field of vision. While you can snap on some light blockers included in the box for full immersion, it’s designed to allow your peripheral vision to assist with other tasks.

Additionally, there are redesigned controllers in that same fetching shade of black as well. They are designed to be more ergonomic and act like extensions of your hands. Meta claims the controllers can track the user independently of the headset, giving them a 360-degree range of motion. 

Mixed reality features

Through the passthrough technology within Meta Quest 2, you can see the world around you in black and white. Basically, it ensures you don’t bump into anything. Nonetheless, the Meta Quest Pro takes augmented reality experiences to a whole new level with its passthrough technology. 

The full-color view of your physical environment is possible with Meta Quest Pro. Developers can use the Presence Platform suite of tools to create more robust mixed-reality experiences. Using stereoscopic mixed reality, Meta Quest Pro provides users with a natural 3D experience.

Quest Pro offers better depth perception than monoscopic pass-through solutions. It allows users to work in mixed reality using virtual workspaces.


 The Meta Quest Pro costs £1,499.99/$1,499.99. There’s only one configuration available so far, with 12GB of RAM, 256GB. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Quest Pro 


Check out what makes the headset different from Quest 2. The main features will help you determine whether you should buy the VR. The advantages of Quest Pro are as follows:

  • The design is more comfortable and fits better
  • Face and eye tracking feature
  • Color pass-through camera
  • The headset and controllers are rechargeable
  • Standalone functionality doesn’t require a PC


  • The VR headset is expensive
  • Doesn’t include a full-light shroud
  • Finicky charging cradle

Final Words 

Hopefully, our Meta Quest Pro review has helped you better understand the VR headset. New sensors, design, and long-lasting battery capacity make it a must-have headset. The VR headset can make virtual things seem more real, sharp, and straightforward. Before purchasing the headset, it is recommended you give it a try. 


Can Quest Pro Play Quest 2 games?

You can access the library of existing Meta Quest 2 titles on Meta Quest Pro. 

Will Quest Pro have better graphics?

Since the Quest 2 is two years old, the Quest Pro has a newer processor with better performance and graphics.

How much will the Quest Pro cost?

In terms of price, the Quest Pro is easily one of the most expensive virtual reality/mixed reality headsets available today. Meta Quest Pro is available today for USD 1,499.99 on 

What will the Quest Pro have?

It comes with innovative features like high-resolution sensors that enable full-color mixed-reality experiences. The VR comes with next-generation pancake optics and advanced LCDs that deliver sharp visuals. In addition, the all-new, sleek design includes guided fit adjustment, natural facial tracking, and an eye-tracking sensor. 

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