Beat Saber Review: Is Beat Saber Really That Fun?

Is Beat Saber really that fun?

It’s difficult to overstate Beat Saber’s impact on the VR sector. It was one of the first VR gaming success stories, and it sparked the current oversaturated VR rhythm game market. It gained notoriety as the must-have VR game for any headset user after its 2018 release. The game was one of the few VR-only games to establish a name for itself in the broader gaming industry. 

Despite four years since the release of Beat Saber, it is still popular. The developer of the game was acquired by meta in 2018. Since some years ago, it has maintained an almost insurmountable position on the top of most VR shop charts. There is now a variety of content to explore thanks to regular paid DLC releases and free upgrades.

With its accessibility, ubiquity, and recognition, Beat Saber continues to be the most popular VR game, even among doubters. In addition to hardware developments, VR design principles have advanced since 2018 as well. Beat Saber’s performance has been raised to even higher standards. The response is, surprisingly well. Let’s find out more from our Beat Saber review.

Review of Beat Saber: Is it Really That Much Fun?

Simple to understand, difficult to master

The main idea behind the virtual reality rhythm game Beat Saber is simple. Music plays as the player uses two “lightsabers” to cut through blocks as they approach them from space. Lightsabers are either red or blue, and arrows indicate which way to slice – up, down, left, right, or diagonally. If you’re perplexed, consider Fruit Ninja. 

Your score increases as you slice more precisely and on time. Combinations are created by flawlessly slicing successive blocks. Blocks that are missed or mistakes that are made reset your combo and can accumulate to cause a level failure.

You must avoid walls, explosives, double blocks, and cross-armed cuts, but overall, the game has a very high skill ceiling and is quite straightforward. Since Beat Saber offers a wide variety of music, settings, and difficulties, everyone can play it.

Same feeling, new platform, old genre

Regardless of the platform, rhythm games are a common gaming category. In addition to delivering the rhythm game clichés well, Beat Saber demonstrates a mastery of what makes for a great VR experience.

The gameplay of Beat Saber is physical in addition to being addictive. Every action you take exactly matches the way you anticipate that action feeling. You might push your hand against a wall in a game only to find that your hand falls through it in reality.

In Beat Saber, there is no such disconnect. As slicing blocks is a naturally weightless motion, it is coherent and responsive in VR. Because your brain doesn’t anticipate feedback from your actions, everything feels natural.

Unsolvable hardware issues, which require realistic feedback and resistance to activities, are likely to persist indefinitely. The game has achieved timeless status, at least for now, by completely avoiding the issue. Beat Saber feels tremendously satisfying to play, just as much so now as it did in 2018. This is true even across hardware generations. There are also games like Pokemon Go to get an AR experience using your smartphone.

Modifiers, accessibility, and game modes

Beat Saber now has a lot more to offer than it did at launch. The game library includes not only new songs (more on that later) but also game modes to keep you entertained.

The traditional high-scoring mode, Solo, allows you to play through any track you choose while offering a variety of optional modifier settings. Additionally, a multiplayer feature has been added, allowing up to five players to compete against one another for the highest score in either open or closed lobbies.

Even though the campaign mode is technically present and overdue for a redesign, it is hardly worth your time. A better campaign with a better structure and some sort of advancement may be intriguing (and perhaps is on the way).

Beat Saber offers a ton of accessibility settings and gameplay mods that help you customize the experience to your preferences. In order to make the game easier, more accessible, harder, or completely different, you can tweak various parameters. You will also face unique 360- and 90-degree levels, during which blocks will be thrown from various angles at you.

An abundant library

With Beat Saber’s extensive music collection, there is something for everyone, provided you are prepared to spend more. A few electronic tracks by Beat Games Co-Founder Jaroslav Beck were available for launch.

Billie Eilish, Skrillex, imagine dragons, and the disco are just a few examples

Each pack has a distinct feel that has been skillfully created to represent the essence of the featured artist. This adds variety throughout the library and gives each pack an authentic handcrafted appearance. If you add DLC to the base game, things could start to get expensive for new players.

Additionally, it has affected Beat Saber’s consistency as well. In recent years, the skill ceiling of Beat Saber players has increased dramatically, as has the style and variety of track mapping. Depending on which track you play, the difficulty labels – easy, normal, hard, expert, expert+ – have different meanings. 

Final Words 

Hope you now know everything about the exclusive game from our Beat Saber review. Beat Saber requires full physical exertion, which is unusual in rhythm games. Beat Saber uses simple mechanics in increasingly complex combinations to create a delicate rhythm game.


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