How to Create an Avatar in the Meta Quest 2?

Creating an Avatar in Quest 2

The notion of the Metaverse is the combination of VR with the real world in a way that creates a really lifelike online environment for users. This is crucial because it enables users to adopt a persona in these simulated environments. You may think of them as figurative avatars. Numerous varieties exist. Traditionally, a large number of MMOs have allowed players to import their own character models, opening the door to an infinite variety of clothing and cosmetic options. meta strives for a more understated and stylised approach in its pursuit of a nearly seamless transition between real life and virtual life. But the system of human design.Let’s learn about how to create an avatar in the Meta Quest 2.

Meta has chosen for a system more akin to an RPG character generator like The Sims rather than letting users upload bespoke models and textures, which may introduce performance and moderation issues. There is a wide variety of appearance modifications available, such as body type, skin tone, and apparel. There is a lot of leeway in the face and head design.

The goal of using an avatar on meta is to create a stylized depiction of oneself in the vein of The Sims. Meta has put in a lot of work to ensure that its avatars seem and act naturally, despite their cartoonish appearance. Meta studied the timing of human blinking to implement natural blinking in its avatars in the absence of eye-tracking technology. Again, without the ability to watch the whole body, meta developed a machine-learning model to make predictions about where the arms and shoulders may be. This depends on where the controllers and headset are in relation to the user’s hands and head. Let’s find out more about how to build meta avatar. With a wide range of customization options, you can create an avatar that reflects your unique style and personality.

How to Build an Avatar in the Meta Quest 2

Your Identity

When you create an avatar in meta, you’re supposed to see yourself in it. Of course, no one is making you create an avatar that even tries to resemble you in any way, shape, or form. There are around quintillions of possible configurations for your avatar.

Although other users may be able to guess your gender based on the choices you make for your avatar, one feature that may be useful but isn’t is the ability to pick a gender. Everyone has access to all the available personalization features, such as changing their hairstyle, cosmetics, facial hair, and wardrobe. There is no overt bias against either sexes.

Keep in mind that your chosen avatar will represent you to the world. Fear not; Facebook will not make this public. When you use your meta avatar in a game, everyone in the game, not just your friends, will be able to view your character. It’s important to remember that these avatars may be used in at least some games developed by other parties.

Meta’s avatars are getting a photorealistic makeover right now. These are substantial requirements for performance, necessitating more gear. For this reason, they are not expected to become a standard feature very soon. It may become much more crucial to be aware of the privacy consequences once this is a feature.

Making Your Own Customized Character

You may access the fast toolbar in Quest by pressing the Oculus button. To access your profile, choose it from the left side of the toolbar.

Oculus 2 Avatar Creation
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If you have not yet generated an avatar, your profile will display your current one. To begin customizing or creating an avatar, choose “Edit Avatar” on the sidebar.

How to edit the Avatar in Quest 2.
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At this point, you should be able to see the available choices for making an avatar. Look at all of the options until you find the one that suits your needs best. When customizing your character, we suggest beginning with the body type, skin tone, hair, and some basic clothing choices before moving on to the face customizations. Don’t forget to choose “Save Avatar & Continue” after you’re done customizing your avatar.

Changing your style, facial features, and body in the Metaverse.
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Build Meta Avatar in Horizon Venues

To edit or build meta avatar, you have two options: in Meta Quest 2 or in Horizon Venues. To create or edit your avatar in Horizon Venues, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Horizon and teleport to the mirror located in the starting room.
  2. Use the Venues editor to make changes to your avatar. This editor provides a closer look at your avatar in real time, which may be preferred by some players.
  3. Customize your avatar by adjusting various features such as skin colour, body shape, face, clothing, and accessories.
  4. Once you have completed your edits, save them. Any changes you make will be saved to your meta avatar across all experiences.

Alternatively, you can also create or edit your avatar in Meta Quest 2 using its editor. The process is similar to editing in Horizon Venues, but the editor may have a different layout or options. Regardless of which editor you choose, the end result will be the same, and your edits will be saved to your meta avatar across all experiences. It’s simply a matter of personal preference.

Utilize Meta Games to Customize Your Avatar

Couple using augmented reality technology.
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Meta wants your avatar to be a virtual representation of yourself, but you don’t have to design it to resemble you. With approximately quintillion customization combinations, you can make your avatar look unique. However, there’s no gender selection option, and all customization choices, such as hair type, makeup, facial hair, and clothing, are available to everyone.

It’s important to note that your avatar is public and visible to other players in any game that utilizes your meta avatar, even if they’re not on your friends’ list. This is particularly relevant because third-party games also support these avatars.

Currently, meta is working on a photorealistic version of its avatars, which requires heavy performance requirements and extra hardware. This feature may have privacy implications once it’s rolled out, so it’s essential to be aware of them when you build meta avatar.

In Meta Quest 2, you can also customize your avatar’s appearance as you progress through the game. You can buy clothing and accessories with in-game currency or real money. Additionally, you can change your avatar’s appearance at any time by accessing the “Customize Avatar” option from the main menu.

Remember to keep your avatar’s appearance appropriate for all ages, as Meta Quest 2 is a game for players of all ages. Additionally, make sure to follow the game’s terms of service and community guidelines to ensure a fun and safe gaming experience for everyone.


In conclusion, creating an avatar in Meta Quest 2 is a simple and straightforward process that allows you to personalize your gaming experience.

When it comes to customizing your gaming experience, creating an avatar in Meta Quest 2 is a fantastic way to do so. Not only is it a simple and straightforward process, but it also allows you to tailor your virtual identity to your own personal style and personality. With an impressive selection of customization options, including various facial features, clothing, and accessories, the possibilities are virtually endless.

By taking advantage of the avatar creation feature, you can ensure that your gameplay experience is unique and reflective of your individuality. Whether you want to create an avatar that closely resembles yourself or a completely fictional character, the tools are at your disposal. Additionally, by customizing your avatar, you can enhance your immersion in the game and potentially improve your overall gameplay.

What kind of realistic or semi-realistic avatars do you prefer? To what extent would you like your avatar to reflect your physical appearance, or would you rather have it seem like a generic person? What do you think? Share your thoughts in the feedback section below. Don’t have a Quest 2 yet? Check out our review.


How to get avatars free?

Fotor offers a free online avatar maker that allows anyone to create digital avatars from photos. All you need to do is take or upload a selfie, select an avatar style, and let Fotor’s AI technology transform your photo into a one-of-a-kind digital avatar.

Can you have more than one avatar on Meta Quest 2?

Yes, you can have more than one avatar on Meta Quest 2 by setting up multiple accounts on the same device. Each account holder can build meta avatar, and upon powering up the headset, users can access their own profile by entering their unique unlock pattern. A Quest 2 can have up to four different accounts, and each account holder needs to create a four-point unlock pattern for their profile. This allows multiple users to have their own personalized experience on the same device, with their own avatars and preferences.

Where can I use my meta avatar?

Your meta avatar can be used in various ways and on different platforms. The avatar you create in Meta Quest 2 can be used in any meta-enabled experience, including games, social applications, and virtual reality environments.

Meta Quest 2, which is a virtual reality platform, is the primary place where you can use your Meta avatar. Once you have created your avatar in Meta Quest 2, you can use it to interact with other players and explore virtual worlds.

In addition to Meta Quest 2, you can also use your meta avatar on other meta-owned platforms, such as Horizon Workrooms, a virtual collaboration tool that allows users to meet and work together in a shared virtual space.

Moreover, meta has recently announced its plan to integrate its virtual world with other platforms, including Instagram and Messenger, which will allow users to share their meta avatars on these platforms as well.

Can Meta Quest 2 get Roblox?

According to sources, Roblox might be planning to come to Meta Quest 2 in late 2023, which could provide an opportunity for the popular metaverse platform to be experienced in virtual reality.

Can you have different avatars on Oculus Quest 2?

Yes, you can have different avatars on Oculus Quest 2 by setting up multiple accounts on the device. Each account holder can create their own unique avatar, and upon powering up the headset, they can access their own profile by entering their unique unlock pattern. The Quest 2 can have up to four different accounts, and each account can have its own distinct avatar.


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