How To Host a Meeting In The Metaverse?

how to set up meeting in the metaverse

New-age technologies have a significant impact on business. Metaverse technologies are fundamentally changing the way businesses operate. Businesses can use the virtual world to expand their online presence, improve remote work collaborations, and streamline operations. Businesses are reaching out to metaverse development companies because there are many advantages to setting up a conference room or meeting in the virtual world. But the metaverse is a new technology that most people need to become more familiar with. This article will show how to host a meeting in the metaverse.

How To Host a Meeting In The Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a concept that has been talked about a lot recently, and often in a dismissive way. However, it’s clear that virtual meetings in the Metaverse have a lot of potential. Let’s  discuss the benefits of holding meetings in a virtual world and the steps needed to set it up.

Getting started with Metaverse meetings is easy. First, you’ll need to sign up for Horizon Workrooms or a similar platform. Horizon is the platform used in Noel’s video and looks quite impressive. Second, you’ll need to purchase an Oculus Quest 2 headset for everyone participating. Although they’re not the cheapest, they’re standalone and require no additional equipment. Lastly, follow the instructions to set up the platform, customize your virtual office with your company logo, and enjoy your meeting.

There are a few things to keep in mind when organizing a Metaverse meeting. First, give your team some extra time to set up their headsets. Although the Oculus Quest 2 is fast to set up, the virtual room can take a minute or two to load. Second, while there are several alternatives to Horizon Workrooms, it’s still our favorite. Third, Metaverse meetings can be a refreshing alternative to Zoom, especially when going through a slide deck. You can project your laptop screen onto the virtual wall, which feels like being in the same room as everyone else. Finally, for one-on-one meetings, you can play mini-golf while chatting. Here’s how to host a meeting in the metaverse:

Create An Account

The next step is to create an account in the metaverse. Whatever option you choose, you must register for an account and connect your cryptocurrency wallet before you may send money online. After setting up an account, you can select an avatar to represent you in the metaverse.

Create A Profile

Users of the virtual platform can explore the area as visitors or use premium features by registering as real inhabitants. Users must create profiles, select an avatar and name to represent them in the metaverse, and then construct virtual conference rooms or meetings.

Setup Conference Room/Meeting

Users can build up a conference room or meet in the metaverse by the meeting’s agenda using integrated 3D and other modelling tools. Giving coworkers and employees a familiar experience in the virtual world involves creating a virtual setting similar to the actual office setup. You can proceed to the next steps once our staff has finished setting up a conference room in the metaverse. Users can take help from official tutorial videos on how to host meetings in the metaverse.

 Create Coworkers Accounts

Your staff members can register for the virtual meeting after setting up a conference room or meeting metaverse. Employees must use a unique ID to join the meeting room.

Schedule A Virtual Meeting

You have now prepared the meeting space. The employees must be invited, and the agenda and meeting time must be communicated. In the virtual world, there is no cap on the number of employees, and anyone from anywhere can be invited.

Benefits of Setting Up A Meeting In The Metaverse

Companies worldwide are putting up conference or meeting rooms in the metaverse to increase productivity and streamline business processes. You can also arrange different events in the metaverse for your company staff members. Take a look at the advantages of setting up meetings in the metaverse

Operations Team

  • The operation teams’ primary responsibilities include managing the organization’s daily operations, meeting business needs, and running apps and data centres. Operations teams in the metaverse can streamline daily operations and increase efficiency by using conference rooms.
  • Plan meetings for your team and various departments.
  • Plan training and educational events.
  • Improved cross-departmental corporations.

Human Resource

The operation teams’ primary responsibilities include:

  • Managing the organization’s daily operations.
  • Meeting business needs.
  • Running apps and data centres.
  • Operations teams in the metaverse can streamline daily operations and increase efficiency by using conference rooms.
  • Plan meetings for your team and various departments.
  • Plan training and educational events.
  • Improved cross-departmental corporations.

R&D Team

The R&D team’s primary goals are to promote innovation inside the company, develop new working procedures, and streamline corporate processes. The R&D team can meet virtually in the metaverse:

  • Simple product conception
  • Testing and designing quickly
  • Obtaining suggestions from staff members in real-time.
  • For improved corporations, plan team, business, and interdepartmental meetings.
  • Plan training/educational events for R&D.


The marketing team can use virtual platforms to build their market presence, increase lead generation, and improve brand awareness. The marketing department can: Increase lead generation by setting up a virtual meeting space in the metaverse.

  • Set up a virtual gathering.
  • Create online events
  • To better penetrate the market
  • Virtual product launches 
  • Partnering activities
  • Plan marketing-related training and education events.

Why Set Up A Conference Room In Metaverse?

What makes Metaverse meetings more compelling than traditional video conferencing? For one, virtual meetings restore some of the dynamics of in-person meetings. You can see who is looking where and observe body language, such as head, arm, and hand movements. Moreover, video conferences are mentally fatiguing, partly because you’re on camera and under scrutiny. In a Metaverse meeting, you have an avatar to hide behind, making the experience less stressful.

It’s worth considering how Metaverse meetings could improve app development. For example, it could be easier to showcase app design work in a virtual world. You could even hand someone a virtual phone with an app running on it. Additionally, virtual settings could offer new opportunities for qualitative user research. You could observe participants’ body language and interactions with prototypes. Finally, virtual whiteboard sessions, dot voting, and card sorting could be more interactive in a Metaverse setting.


Participants can connect and share ideas in a virtual conference room. Business departments can strengthen their team bond through this metaverse meeting. 

Cost Effective

The associated costs of setting up a conference room in the metaverse depend on the use of AR/VR gadgets. Using a virtual conference set up for hiring or meetings can serve multiple purposes for organizations. There is only one expense, and it depends on how much AR/VR costs. It makes it easy for business owners to arrange cost-effective meetings. Having virtual meetings and working remotely is normal after the pandemic. However, Zoom or Google Meet has a few drawbacks for virtual meetings. There are many distractions, and users cannot see one another. 

Using VR, virtual meetings and conferences can be done in a fully interactive and immersive manner. Users can listen to members’ audio and check their body language. Through the use of hands and changing posture, communication becomes more realistic. Additionally, VR headsets will remove all distractions and give you a comfortable meeting experience. Here’s why you should host a metaverse conference.  

Boost Productivity 

Metaverse virtual meeting rooms can help businesses break down silos, streamline business processes, and enhance productivity. In a few minutes, you can share information with multiple departments, enhancing productivity across the organization. Metaverse meeting rooms allow for a new and more interactive way of conducting meetings.

No Restriction

Today, offices are filled with new-age technology like projectors, TVs, laptops, and whiteboards. Businesses find it difficult to adopt new technologies due to limited space.

It is possible to solve this problem with a metaverse meeting room. There is no need to worry about taking advantage of new technology and limited office space with a virtual office. Everyone can interact remotely and at their convenience. 

Enhance Remote Cooperation

Active communication with remote employees is often difficult for businesses. When employees miscommunicate, huge losses can occur and projects are mismanaged. Using a metaverse virtual meeting room, coworkers can connect whenever they want with remote employees, enhancing remote collaboration.

With a metaverse meeting room, video calls will be made as lifelike as possible.

Unmatched Experience

Users can enjoy real-life experiences even in virtual spaces using AR, VR, 3D, and web3. In the virtual world, users can hear, see, smell, and touch like they do in the real world. With a virtual meeting room in the metaverse, employees who are miles apart can communicate as if they were in the same room.

New Opportunities 

Metaverse offers countless networking opportunities. Anyone can use the virtual conference rooms, from employees to investors. Meetings in the metaverse enable organizations to engage with global participants, invite a broader audience, and attract investors. Besides, the network you build won’t be limited to your cubicle or conference room. Virtual ecology is accessible to everyone. So everyone can attend the meeting in a timely manner without having too much effort.

Final Words 

Hope you have got a full idea of how to host meetings in the metaverse. In the upcoming year, the metaverse will offer new opportunities for those who are now operating businesses or preparing to do so. You will be able to connect with your staff the best by simulating real life. It will assist you in boosting productivity and maximizing the potential of your workforce.


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