How To Have An Event In The Metaverse: Explained

How To Have An Event In The Metaverse

The technology for online events can now deliver a truly immersive and engaging experience thanks to advancements over the past two years. With these new tools, you can easily transform your events into a metaverse-based event. For example, if you are having a meeting to plan an event, you can easily meet with collaborators virtually. Furthermore, you can host a board meeting, a lecture, or a webinar virtually. If you are new to the metaverse, it is important to know how to have an event in the metaverse. Let’s find out everything you should need to know about metaverse events. 

What is a metaverse virtual event?

A virtual metaverse event is an interactive meeting that takes place online through a special platform. Metaverse events do not have a fixed location, unlike in-person events. Participation is possible from anywhere with internet access.

The immersive nature of modern metaverse events is largely due to several features. During an online event, attendees appear as avatars, and different activities are available.

How to have an event in the metaverse: step-by-step instructions

Set a goal

The basics of planning virtual and in-person events are similar. Set a goal for your virtual event before establishing a budget and selecting a venue. Besides, you need to organize marketing materials and create content. 

Understanding the purpose and value of your event for attendees is crucial. When planning, consider the following questions:

  • Are our sessions live or pre-recorded? 
  • How should a virtual venue function? 
  • What is the audience’s familiarity with the platform we’ve chosen? 
  • How can we further engage our audience? 

Choose the right venue

Decide which venue will be the best fit for your event next. A Metaverse platform like Virbela offers a variety of customizable event spaces. The following are some of the most commonly used event spaces in Virbela: 

The Virbela Speakeasy: Besides live music and comedy shows, this venue hosts award galas, social events, business gatherings, and parties. You can use the emotes panel to laugh at a comic’s material or dance to your favorite artists. 

Auditorium: Hosting a keynote speaker or panel of thought leaders? There can be hundreds of attendees in the auditorium, all with the same perks! With stage zoom, participants can view the speaker’s slides and videos in full screen. 

EXPO Hall:  Virtual exhibitors can interact realistically with the Virbela EXPO Hall. Depending on the size of your exhibition, you can scale the number of total booths. Additionally, vendors can fully brand their booths and upload content.

Prepare attendees

It is common for attendees to be unfamiliar with new software when attending an event in the metaverse. We recommend creating guidance on navigating your chosen metaverse platform to ensure your event runs smoothly. 

 Connect with others

Attendee engagement is the biggest challenge of virtual events, according to the Event Manager Blog.

With Virbela, you can host events in various spaces dedicated to connecting with others. With tools like Slido, organizers can host interactive polls or live Q&A sessions on the web boards in any Virbela venue. It is possible to turn on private volumes around seats in the auditorium so that attendees can network more easily. Several private volumes are available in The Virbela Speakeasy, where attendees can speak away from the crowd. 

Attending a metaverse event is like bumping into someone on campus or being a part of a dedicated networking space.

How to have an event in the metaverse perfectly? Have fun! Virtual platforms feel like games for many attendees, so incorporating unique experiences into your event program will make it more memorable.

Have fun

How to have an event in the metaverse perfectly? Have fun! Virtual platforms feel like games for many attendees, so incorporating unique experiences into your event program will make it more memorable.

The team loves hosting dance parties with live music, like this one with DJ Jazzy Jeff. During sessions, attendees can compete in classic games like Space Invaders or Super Mario Brothers in the arcade.

Final words

COVID-19 outbreaks had a very positive impact on metaverses. A survey conducted in 2021 showed that 91% of respondents highly valued online events. 

Over the last two years, virtual events have proved beneficial to event organizers after much trial and error. The accessibility, low travel costs, and creative venue options of virtual world events mimic those of in-person events. Virtual events go beyond replicating face-to-face events. Hope our guide on how to have an event in the metaverse flawlessly will help you to arrange your next meeting virtually. Besides, knowing more about Horizon World will help you to create successful events.


Can I host a meeting in the metaverse?

You can also arrange meetings in the metaverse besides online leisure activities. It will help you collaborate with remote teams in a new way.

What will be the impact of the metaverse on the event industry?

Audiences today are well aware of and embracing digital ecosystems. Our outlook anticipates two major changes: an immersive experience for attendees and a more visible role for them. And metaverse offers several new possibilities with event features. 

How do you play a concert in the metaverse?

In the metaverse, fans purchase tickets to watch their favorite musicians perform. Upon purchasing a ticket, they can watch the virtual concert live.

How to have an event in the metaverse?

The metaverse is an outstanding addition to the tools we can use to bring together large – and small – groups. You can customize everything according to your needs. It will help you to arrange a personalized meeting.

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