Meta Quest Pro review 2022 

quest pro review

There are a lot of questions related to the metaverse. Is it possible to make avatars more convincing and useful than cartoon-like costumes? Is it possible to complete all your work using a VR headset? Meta Quest Pro (formerly Project Cambria) was announced at Meta Connect. Featuring support for augmented reality, it’s Meta’s most advanced headset yet. Let’s get to know more about the gear from our Meta Quest Pro review. 

What is Meta Quest Pro

The Meta Quest Pro is a massive upgrade on the well-loved Meta Quest 2 and their new high-end mixed reality headset. Furthermore, it features a sleek new design and self-tracking controllers.

At Meta Connect, the company revealed the top specs, features, price, release date, and impressive sales pitch for the next generation of AR and VR hardware. You’ll be able to transfer your real-life expressions to your avatar through a full-color passthrough mode, eye-tracking technology, and realistic face tracking.

The Quest line focuses more on work experiences than fun, but there are still plenty of activities for entertainment and socializing. Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s boss, says this is a “high-end device for those who want the best.”

Meta Quest Pro Review 2022: Everything you need to know 


Meta Quest Pro isn’t quite the ultimate VR headset despite its impressive capabilities. The device has 12GB of RAM, a more powerful Snapdragon XR2+ chip, and 256GB of storage space, making it suitable for all Oculus Quest 2 games. According to our experience with the headset, the Quest Pro is a powerful mixed-reality headset. It does not completely separate you from reality.

The headset’s new color passthrough feature and the gap around the sides and bottom allow you to see the real world while immersed in VR. Despite this, we are concerned that true-VR games may suffer due to this blending of the real and virtual worlds.

Specs and features

In this part of the quest pro review, we will talk about the features of the gear. The Meta Quest Pro includes an eye-watering spec sheet, including Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2+ processor, which was developed in collaboration with Meta.

Meta says the Oculus Quest 2 will perform 50 percent better than the Quest 2 thanks to its 12GB of RAM and ten powerful VR/MR sensors. The battery’s lifespan is unknown, but you can recharge via USB-C. The headset comes with a charging dock.

Additionally, Meta has made great strides in terms of visuals. The two LCDs feature the quantum dot technology found in some high-end televisions and thin pancake optics that fold light several times. In addition to a 37% increased pixel density, there is a 25% increase in full-field visual sharpness in the center view and a 50% increase in peripheral vision.

Compared to the Quest 2, the color gamut is 1.3x larger, while new dimming software and backlighting hardware should result in a 75% greater contrast range. Currently, the company isn’t providing details about the display’s full specs, such as its resolution, but it says continuous lens spacing adjustment tools (55mm-75mm) will allow the viewer to alter the level of immersion.

Control and design

As compared to the new Meta Quest Pro, which is perhaps the sleekest take we’ve seen on the medium yet, the Meta Quest 2 looks like an older generation. In addition to the pancake lenses inside the optics, there is a slimmer battery design on the back of the headband.

The biggest change is how the device doesn’t dominate your field of vision. With some light blockers in the box, you can get full immersion, but you can also use your peripheral vision for other work tasks.

You will also find controllers, which come in the same fetching shade of black.  Their ergonomic design makes them feel more like extensions of your hands.In addition, Meta says the controllers can track the user in 3D space independent of the headset, giving a full 360-degree range of motion. They are computers in their own right, according to Zuckerberg.

Features of mixed reality

Meta Quest 2 uses passthrough technology to allow you to see black-and-white images of the world around you. It’s to keep you from bumping into things. Using passthrough technology for augmented reality, the Meta Quest Pro takes things to a new level.

Meta Quest Pro lets you view your physical environment in full colorDevelopers can create more robust mixed reality experiences using our Presence Platform suite of tools. Passthrough enables stereoscopic mixed reality to create a natural 3D view of the world with multiple sensor views,” Meta said after the event.

Compared to monoscopic passthrough solutions, this will provide a more comfortable experience, offering a better sense of depth. It will enable users to work in mixed reality using virtual workspaces combined with real-world tools, such as keyboards and mice, at their desks.


Meta Quest Pro is significantly more expensive than Quest 2, which recently increased to £399/$399.99 for 128GB and £499/$499.99 for 256GB. Besides Argos and Currys, you can buy the Pro through the official website.

For £1,499.99/$1,499.99, you can get the Meta Quest Pro. The only configuration so far is 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

Source: Meta

Final words

Hope you have got a full idea about the headset from our quest pro review. Quest Pro has a few advantages that might appeal to you. Although the form factor is slightly improved (except for the awful soft strap included with Quest 2), I wouldn’t say it’s more comfortable. There is a noticeable improvement in clarity with the new lenses, but ultimately you are seeing the same number of pixels but sharper.

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