Will Avatars In The Metaverse Have Legs?

meta verse avatars without legs

Nearly a year ago, Zuckerberg announced his grand metaverse ambitions. He is betting the company’s future on virtual and augmented reality as the internet’s next era. The tech giant’s plans have been criticized for being unrealistic and lacking lower limbs in its 3D digital avatars. In the coming years, there will be a lot of updates and changes. We will now examine what metaverse has to offer in more detail. Besides, we will also explain, “Will avatars in the metaverse have legs?”

Are Avatars In The Metaverse Likely To Have Legs?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the metaverse avatars in his virtual reality metaverse would have legs. In August, Zuckerberg was mocked online for sharing a screenshot of his avatar. Soon after, Zuckerberg promised “major graphic updates” coming to meta’s avatars. During a meta Connect developer event, he announced that legs are coming to the metaverse.

In the latest presentation, he said, “I know you’ve been waiting for this. Everyone has been waiting for this,” said a visually improved avatar version of Zuckerberg. “But seriously, legs are hard, which is why other virtual reality systems don’t have them either.”

It shows how much public perception of the metaverse matters that Zuckerberg is focusing on legs now. Solving meta’s visually complex problems may be the biggest obstacle to its success. Meta must show that it’s in touch with reality, even as it builds an alternate universe. This is crucial for the company to get people excited about the metaverse. The company’s stock has fallen steeply for the past year, so many of its employees have doubted its significant investments in AR/VR.

Since meta’s AR/VR headsets only track upper-body movements, it has not been easy to recreate our legs in the metaverse. Besides, it’s hard to track the movements of our hands and faces. As a result, a company’s headset cannot identify our legs when we wear one.

Meta recently released a high-end VR headset, but avatars in its AR/VR products need legs. The company will introduce legs first to its social environment, Horizon Worlds, and then expand to other products. However, it is still being determined when these legs will be available. This remains a significant technical challenge.

According to Zuckerberg, meta will use predictive AI models to predict what our legs are doing. How we use our upper bodies determines what we do with our legs. This is the first famous AR/VR hardware maker to achieve this. Meta alone spends $10 billion a year on metaverse projects.

“With standalone virtual reality headsets, understanding your leg position is surprisingly difficult because of occlusion,” Zuckerberg explained the technical challenge in the presentation. “So if your legs are under a desk or your arms block your view of them, your headset can’t see them directly, and you need to build an AI model to predict your whole body position.”

The company says it will improve its avatars by adding legs and refining its visual graphics. The company said its new high-end headset, the Quest Pro, has inward-facing head sensors. It will be able to track eye movements and facial expressions, allowing more natural expressions on avatars. A spokesperson also said “incremental updates to style and appearance of meta Avatars over time,” including expressions as well as “depth,” “shading,” and more clothing and accessory options.

Meta’s AR/VR products have underwhelmed some critics. Because a lot has been lost in translation from the virtual to the real world. Meta’s AR/VR experiences feel more lifelike and impressive when strapped into a headset. It’s much more immersive when immersed in a 3D AR/VR world. You cannot determine the experience if you’re looking at a 2D screenshot on a computer.

Zuckerberg and his team must resolve the avatar leg problem – and improve avatar graphics overall – as soon as possible.

In Summary

Hope you got the answer to the question, “Will avatars in the metaverse have legs?” Meta needs help to figure out something as outwardly simple as legs to ensure the company’s future is at risk. They are still figuring out how to add legs on meta, Which is why it’s brilliant that Zuckerberg succumbed to the trolls today and gave the people what they wanted. 


What is the reason that people in the metaverse do not have legs?

Meta’s AR/VR headsets only track upper-body movements like hands and facial gestures. So the company currently needs to figure out how to track our legs. 

Can you touch people in the metaverse?

Yes, you can. But there is a fundamental rule of the metaverse: you can’t touch another avatar without their consent. 

What can avatars do in the metaverse?

Changing your avatar’s height, weight, skin tone, hair color, and even clothes is possible. With NFTs, you can buy unique clothes for your avatar in the metaverse. Besides, turn your outfit into a reflection of who you are.

Do you need glasses for metaverse?

Metaverses will likely rely heavily on smart glasses. Soon, workers and consumers will experience the internet as digital avatars, teleporting through endless 3D environments.

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