Best VR Fitness Games in The Metaverse

Metaverse fitness game

We all need exercise to stay healthy, but going to the gym or running may demotivate us. Then virtual reality (VR) fitness might be a newer, more interesting way to exercise. VR platforms and headgear allow gamers to work out while playing. By playing metaverse fitness games, you can covertly get in shape, build muscle, burn calories, and enhance your cardiovascular fitness.

In addition to encouraging previously inactive gamers to move, VR fitness apps are revolutionizing the fitness industry. The popularity of VR fitness games has led creators to devise even better ways to disguise tough workouts as games. Check out our best fitness games in the metaverse.

VR Fitness Technology

According to Fortune Business Insights, the VR gaming market will grow from $7.92 billion in 2021 to $53.44 billion in 2028. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, VR fitness equipment has gradually grown alongside VR gaming. The Welltodo Consumer Wellness Trends Report for 2022 claims Gen-Z is likelier to adopt an interesting and nutritious fitness routine. Future fitness technologies will include immersive workouts with instructors, music, and images that can elevate your workout. You will hundreds of articles on why metaverse is the future of fitness.

With the help of fitness technology, businesses have devised inventive ways to motivate couch potatoes to exercise. Users must go around to complete missions and challenges rather than simply sit in their rooms. Dustland Runner is a blockchain game in which players assume the role of dust runners. The player must deliver mysterious cargo in a post-apocalyptic desert populated by bandits and creatures. Some people may start moving more frequently because of the additional enjoyment.

Best Fitness Games in The Metaverse

Lightbox VR

Liteboxer VR is the first VR fitness platform that lets you exercise alongside actual trainers. Liteboxer exercises are more inspiring, instructive, and efficient than boxing on your own or with other VR fitness applications.

Numerous tools are available to help you monitor your progress, including punch goals for every session. Additionally, you can view past performance and your workout score based on accurate hits, streaks, and force.

There is a free and a paid version of Liteboxer VR fitness. Compared to the paid version, the free version only offers 35 lessons and top-charting music in-app.

Supernatural App

If you’re searching for planned, efficient VR fitness programs, this is the second-best VR fitness software after FitXR. You can exercise realism in more than 500 different virtual settings worldwide. Numerous challenges and virtual coaches help you get the most out of your workouts. Users can choose workouts based on their level of difficulty and interact with fan communities.

Supernatural exercises have a musical quality and combine movement with music. Supernatural offers four different VR fitness workouts: boxing, flow, meditation, and stretching. The options with the most intensity are boxing and flow. High-intensity rhythmic movements are a part of Supernatural’s distinctive material, the flow classes. It is one of the best CR fitness programs for the metaverse. 


OhShape is more of a virtual reality rhythm game than a virtual reality fitness app. The app will undoubtedly make you move and sweat. The game features players punching, avoiding, and passing through body-shaped holes in the walls as a result of a Japanese TV show. When you move your body more quickly and accurately, you will earn more points. It’s a great way to get your body moving despite the player’s seemingly chaotic dance.

App Holofit

You might benefit from Holofit if your rowing machine, exercise cycle, or elliptical looks more like a towel rack. You can run, cycle, or row your way through immersive environments at home using Holofit’s VR fitness software.

Besides cardio challenges, you can explore interesting landscapes while working out with this VR fitness app. Alternatively, you can push things into the fanciful realm, enjoy outer space, and more. You can opt to boat, run, or bike through international destinations like Antarctica or the Amazon rainforest.

VZfit App

Similarly to Holofit, VZfit transforms your home fitness equipment or standard stationary cardio into an international virtual journey. You can sweat as you see 10 million kilometers of road in three dimensions. You can ride a stationary bike in Connecticut from your living room or garage. 

Players do not need to own an elliptical, treadmill, or exercise bike to use VZfit. The workout is surprisingly challenging and provides a great aerobic workout. If you’re not into climbing. It’s an excellent way to switch up your usual exercise routine and improve your mental focus. 

It’s an ideal app for those who want something different from standard workout apps, and climbing with the app will help you reach new fitness heights.

Our choice for the top VR fitness game is the FitXR app. It combines the immersive virtual reality world with challenging total-body workouts designed by fitness professionals. FitXR’s exercise classes are a lot of fun, but they also really “count” as a decent workout. There are hundreds of boxing and HIIT classes to pick from, and more are introduced weekly. 

The trainers are inspiring and motivational, and the music is cheerful and enjoyable, featuring well-known artists like Tisto and Calvin Harris. Because they are continually adding to and increasing their collection of possibilities, this VR fitness software will keep you amused not only while you exercise but also over time.

Beat Saber 

Beat Saber is a virtual reality fitness game that has taken the world by storm. It combines music and fitness by challenging players to slash through oncoming blocks with laser swords. This fast-paced game provides a fun and engaging workout that improves coordination, reflexes, and endurance. Beat Saber is accessible to players of all skill levels due to its wide variety of music genres and difficulty levels. It’s easy to get lost in the game and forget that you’re exercising, making it a great option for those who struggle to find the motivation to work out. Beat Saber has become one of the most popular VR games for fitness enthusiasts due to its combination of music, gameplay, and fitness.

How to select the best metaverse fitness app?

Compatibility: Ensure that the VR fitness app you choose is compatible with your VR headset. Not all apps are available on all platforms, so check the compatibility requirements before making a decision.

Variety of Exercises: Look for an app that offers a wide range of exercises and workouts to keep you engaged and motivated. It should include options for cardio, strength training, flexibility, and other fitness activities.

Tracking and Feedback: A good VR fitness app should have accurate tracking of your movements and provide feedback on your performance. This could include metrics like calories burned, heart rate, and form correction to help you improve your technique.

Customization Options: Consider apps that allow you to customize your workouts according to your fitness level, goals, and preferences. The ability to set personal targets, adjust difficulty levels, and choose specific exercise programs can enhance your experience.

Progression and Challenges: Look for an app that offers progression and challenges to keep you motivated and help you improve over time. This could involve unlocking new workouts, achieving milestones, or competing with friends.

User Reviews and Ratings: Read user reviews and ratings for the VR fitness apps you are considering. This can provide valuable insights into the app’s quality, user experience, and effectiveness.

Cost and Subscription Model: Evaluate the pricing structure of the metaverse fitness app. Some apps may require a one-time purchase, while others operate on a subscription model. Consider your budget and whether the features offered justify the cost.

Community and Social Features: Some VR fitness apps offer community and social features, such as leaderboards, challenges, or the ability to work out with friends remotely. If a sense of community and social interaction is important to you, look for apps that provide these features.

Benefits of Using VR games for Fitness

Fun and Engaging: VR games for fitness provide an immersive and interactive experience that makes exercise fun and engaging. Players forget they are working out and become more motivated to exercise regularly.

Variety of Workouts: VR games offer a variety of workouts such as boxing, dancing, and climbing that provide a full-body workout. This variety keeps workouts interesting and challenging.

Accessibility: VR games can be played at home, making them accessible to those who may not have access to a gym or prefer to exercise in the comfort of their own space.

Personalization: Some VR games offer personalized workout plans and tracking features, allowing players to set goals and track progress. VR games can be tailored to the user’s fitness level and goals, allowing for a more personalized workout experience.

Mental Health Benefits: VR games can also provide mental health benefits by reducing stress and anxiety, improving cognitive function, and increasing motivation to exercise.

Low-impact workouts: Some VR metaverse fitness games offer low-impact workouts, which can be beneficial for those with joint issues or injuries.

Social engagement: Many VR fitness games offer online multiplayer options, which can help users connect with others and provide a sense of community.

Final Words

Hope you got some idea about the best fitness games in the metaverse. Many VR fitness games will burn calories and make you sweat, including those listed above. Beat Saber, Pistol Whip, Thrill of the Fight, and Dance Central all deserve honourable mentions. You can download a demo version of most games or play them for a limited time before buying them. And lastly, be sure to download Oculus Move if you use the Oculus fitness app. With fitness tracker software, you can track burned calories to get the best results. 

VR fitness games can be beneficial for a wide range of people, including those who are looking for a more engaging and fun way to exercise, those who are interested in trying new workout routines, and those who want to improve their overall fitness level.

Some VR fitness games are designed specifically for certain fitness goals, such as weight loss, strength training, or cardio. Others may be more general and offer a variety of workout options.

When choosing a VR fitness game, it’s important to consider factors such as your fitness level, workout preferences, and any physical limitations or injuries. Some VR fitness games may be more intense and require a higher level of fitness, while others may be more suitable for beginners or those with physical limitations.


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