Why Pokemon Go is One of The Best Ways to Experience AR

Why Pokemon Go is one of the best ways to experience AR

Some video games become wildly popular overnight, keeping players cooped up in their homes for days. The free smartphone game Pokémon Go has topped download rankings. The game encourages people to visit public landmarks for virtual loot and collectible characters. The game combines location tracking and camera technology with standard smartphone technology. Augmented reality combines computer-generated content with real-world surroundings. Playing Pokemon Go is a great way to enjoy augmented reality games. Let’s find out why Pokemon Go is one of the best ways to experience AR. 

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokémon GO is a game that uses augmented reality developed jointly by Nintendo and Niantic. Due to the game’s geolocation-based design, the player’s avatar will always reflect their current whereabouts in real life. The player can interact with various monuments and get stuff in particular places throughout the planet as they walk.

The app encourages users to get outside and walk around and complete tasks. Although the game’s major genre is augmented reality (AR), you can also categorize it as an adventure or fitness activity. Everyone who enjoys going outside and collecting Pokémon is the target audience for Pokémon GO.  The game software is regularly updated with new material and bug fixes and is currently at version 0.251.0. There are Pokémon from many eras present, and the Niantic team constantly works hard to add new ones. You can play the game on iOS, Android, and iPadOS the game functions. Most importantly, the app is completely free! Players can accumulate extra goods through in-app purchases. 

Why is Pokemon Go one of the best ways to experience AR?

The concept of augmented reality (AR) is becoming more attainable as mobile technology develops. Besides, mobile technology has integrated into daily life. The intersection of the digital and analog worlds is the idea of augmented reality. Pokémon Go is an excellent illustration and could catalyze the technology’s wider development and adoption.

Players of Pokémon Go see digital Pokémon superimposed on the actual environment on the displays of their mobile devices. layers must explore the real world to find Pokémon in the digital world. Our analog world combines with the digital world of Pokémon through augmented reality (AR).

The effort to make AR more accessible to the general public existed long before Pokémon Go. Incorporating the concept of virtual worlds has been an industry dream since the very beginning of video games. In contrast to augmented realities, virtual realities aim to immerse a person in a completely made-up world. You can also use a metaverse headset to experience virtual reality.

However, virtual reality did set the stage for the idea of fusing virtual and real worlds. Other companies have sought to leverage augmented reality (AR) technology outside the video game industry to enhance user interaction and deliver real-time information. Google Glass is the most effective example of this.

The use of AR technology properly could completely alter our way of life. Using continuous digital overlays, we could determine the precise distance to an object, wind speeds and directions, or the colour of an object. Relevant digital ads on real-world signs, links to reviews of businesses, etc., also enhance our reality.

Why is Pokémon Go more successful than Google Glass as an augmented reality tool?

Google Glass hasn’t been a big success because people fear the amount of change it would bring. Augmented reality (AR) technologies like Google Glass have the potential to change history. This technology must be cozy, inconspicuous, and widely used to prosper.

Games are less likely to fundamentally alter our lives than using augmented reality for foolish things such as catching colorful creatures. Additionally, this type of AR is delivered on a mobile device, a well-known format. In comparison with Google’s technology, this technology is less intrusive.

However, Pokémon Go’s augmented reality (AR) game is paving the way for future developments in AR. Through a fun game, people will become more comfortable using AR for other purposes. As Pokémon Go gains popularity, augmented realities like Google Glass and others will have a chance to become mainstream.

Final Words 

Pokémon GO is fantastic because it balances social interaction and peaceful enjoyment. Pokémon GO is all about getting outside and breathing fresh air. 

You can’t play the game without moving unless you live above a hotspot where Pokémon creatures spawn. This immediately counteracts the sedentary lives that players of video games are infamous for adopting.


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