Snoop Dogg in the Metaverse

Snoop Dogg Metaverse

Snoop Dogg is one of the few famous people who fully embrace the emerging Web3 sector (NFTs, crypto, the metaverse). The prolific rapper, media personality, and entrepreneur has been in the public eye since he first gained attention in 1992, in no little part due to his willingness to try out and experiment with new forms of expression and communication. As a result, it is not surprising that the West Coast native would ultimately become interested in the metaverse.

On September of last year, it was revealed that Snoop was working on his own virtual world in The Sandbox, one of several fast expanding social metaverse platforms. In the “Snoopverse,” as the user-created virtual environment is called, fans of Snoop Dogg may go on an adventure to find rare NFT drops and attend exclusive in-game performances. One fan just paid a jaw-dropping $500,000 to live next door to Snoop Dogg in his famed online virtual world.

In a move that sent shockwaves through the music business, Snoop this month purchased the rights to the pioneering hip-hop label Death Row Records and announced intentions to revive the label with a renewed emphasis on the web. A new music video starring the guy himself was released last week, providing us with a fresh piece of metaverse-related entertainment.

About three minutes in, a stoned Snoop Dogg avatar sits on a virtual throne and bargains over the value of his Sandbox Token, the fundamental form of cash in The Sandbox metaverse. The film then transitions into a guided tour of the ever-expanding Snoopverse realm and its many digital goods. Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Snoop using The Sandbox metaverse is interspersed with more typical fare such as virtual money showers and in-world performances.

Although enjoyable on its own, the video’s true purpose is unmistakably as promotional material for the Snoopverse. Those who pay for an Early Access Pass will be able to do whatever they want in the next MMO. This involves attending exclusive Snoop Dogg concerts and exploring a digital replica of Snoop’s actual estate (called “The Sandbox”). However, prospective members should be prepared to pay a substantial cost in order to join.

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