What are the upcoming events in Horizon World?

upcoming events in horizon

The metaverse is growing, so you don’t want to miss out on its amazing digital experiences. You and your friends can now create the virtual world of your dreams or explore existing virtual reality worlds and companies and organizations are planning to launch more and more events in Horizon World. Don’t worry if you are unaware of upcoming events in Horizon World; we will let you know. This will help you determine what new possibilities will be available to us all. Here are some ideas of places to visit in the virtual world, including musical settings, comedy clubs, and more.

What exactly are events in Horizon World?

Metaverse hype cannot be ignored – it is everywhere. The company’s value is estimated to reach $800M by 2024. People can interact, conduct business, and build connections through their ‘avatars’ in the metaverse, a network of 3-D virtual worlds. Imagine it as the virtual reality version of today’s internet. 

Gaming giants like Epic Games, Roblox, Microsoft, and Meta (Facebook) are creating virtual worlds. Metaverse events are still in their infancy, but the trend is picking up. AR, VR, and AI-enabled environments offer brands a lot of opportunities to explore their creative potential. Four out of ten respondents to a survey said they would join the metaverse for art and live entertainment, versus 44% for bitcoins and NFTs. 

Event attendees will require more than a standard agenda in the upcoming years. It is becoming increasingly important to them to experience something inspiring and enlightening them. With this new standard, companies can examine the interests and lifestyles of their target audiences. The status quo will serve you well for a while, but eventually, your attendees will seek entertainment that challenges and excites them.

Types of Events in Horizon World 

Concerts and entertainment events in the Metaverse

The experience of attending a concert is immersive. Participants can create avatars in the metaverse and experience being present in the venue in real-time. In addition, like in any live concert, they can interact with each other by grooving, laughing, and singing along. 

The organizers can also add fun and engaging 3D objects that enhance the feeling of shared experiences, such as an AI chatbot to guide, greet, or interact with attendees. A free-flowing environment also facilitates connections between attendees.

You will perform for a live audience, receive feedback from your judges, and feel what it’s like to be a star if you enter American Idol VR.

Gaming events in the Metaverse

Video games have been engaging audiences for decades, but preparations for the metaverse have advanced significantly. In the metaverse, audiences can create their virtual avatars and curate their setup, allowing them to have the same presence as in reality but with greater flexibility. For example, you can enjoy free games in Quest 2.

Metaverse trade shows 

In an immersive metaverse trade show, exhibitors can connect with buyers worldwide. Reach out to audiences on any device, attract their attention, generate leads, and build sales pipelines. 

Ceremonies for metaverse graduations

Engage your constituents in a virtual graduation ceremony that allows them to interact, network, and celebrate without becoming fatigued. 

Students, teachers, and parents attending the graduation ceremony can communicate 1:1 using lifelike avatars through video conferencing, chat, and video calls using platforms like MootUp. 

Metaverse trade shows 

The next to our list of events in Horizon World is metaverse trade shows. It doesn’t matter if it’s a food, car, property, technology, or any other trade show; organizers can -wide. You can build your business by reaching audiences on any device, attracting their attention, generating leads, and building sales pipelines. 

Be it food, car, property, technology, or any other trade show; organizers can –

  • Design stunning 3D scenes
  • Brand virtual booths and customize them
  • Boost networking with live chat tools
  • Drive conversions by embedding an online shop
  • Make the event more engaging by adding gamification like trivia, scavenger hunts, etc. 
  • 3D streaming of live video 

Functions of Metaverse Awards

Organizing award functions in the Metaverse is undeniably one of its best uses. The main reason is its scalability. Event organizers don’t need to book large spaces to accommodate their guest list. Glitz and glamour are not enough; they need a 3D model. 

Launch of the Metaverse product 

There is real excitement surrounding the launch of a new product. Using innovation and creativity, brands can capitalize on it in the Metaverse. 

UA Comedy Club

A new comedy destination at Horizon Worlds is the UA Comedy Club. As an audience member or as a performer, you will have the option to listen or participate. Horizon Worlds is the perfect place to try something new, like standup comedy or singing!

Vivid and Fuego clubs

You can also check out Horizon Worlds’ VR nightclubs, such as Club Vivid and Club Fuego. In the Metaverse, these virtual clubs offer sleek visuals, interactive items, custom soundtracks, and a vibrant community.

Using a social wall within a 3D environment/venue, brands can host various events in the Metaverse and enhance their engagement. By combining hybrid, virtual, and live events in the Metaverse, enterprises can reclaim the spontaneity, interactivity, and excitement they bring. An immersive event in the Horizon World can be reshaped by adding a social wall. The future of successful business and networking is hybrid events and virtual office spaces. It is largely because many industry specialists are offering their services remotely.

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