Golf+ Review on Quest: Is it Worth It?

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Embark on a virtual golfing adventure with Golf+ VR. The exclusive VR Golf game of the PGA TOUR, available exclusively for Meta headsets. It is compatible with  Quest 2, Quest Pro, and Rift headsets via the Oculus app on PC. Here are my thoughts on Golf+ VR, one of the best VR golf games.

Golf+ VR offers an array of game modes, including single and multiplayer options, Mini Golf courses in Pro Putt, and even a night of music and games at Topgolf. 

Customize your equipment, explore advanced statistics, take on weekly challenges. You can enjoy built-in Youtube, Audible, and web-browsing support while on the course.

Developers have crafted stylized, cartoonish graphics to suit the Quest 2 headset’s capabilities. It creates an immersive and visually appealing environment with realistic course designs and a user-friendly interface.

Golf+ VR has significantly improved since its 2020 release. It hasenhanced features, more courses, refined controls, and added polish, making it the best VR game on the market. A compatible VR headset is necessary to enjoy the game entirely.

To experience Golf+ VR, head over to the Oculus Store, where the game is available for $29.99. Additional DLC courses range from $7.99 to $14.99. Keep on reading to get the full review.

Golf+ Review on Quest: Is it Worth It?

Realistic Gameplay in Golf+ VR

Striking a balance between a simulator and a video game, this game offers impressive swing mechanics. Especially when using a controller attachment. Adjust the difficulty level from novice to pro to control the game’s realism, accounting for factors like wind, elevation, lie, and club selection.

The VR game promises an enjoyable experience with a wide range of game modes. It includes Top Golf, Pro Putt, multiplayer, and weekly challenges. Earn XP and G+ credits as you play, which can be used to customize your bag with real clubs from 

Callaway and TaylorMade.

While the default VR controller works fine, using a VR golf club controller attachment significantly improves the gameplay. Opt for attachments with a real club handle and a cradle for the controller. It provides  a more authentic and accurate golf swing experience.

Golf+ VR Controls Limitations

The controls in VR game delivers an accurate golfing experience. But they may not match the precision of a true golf simulator or launch monitor. The Quest 2’s controller tracking limitations can affect accuracy during full swings. To mitigate this, consider shortening your backswing for better tracking.

Perfecting the Putting Experience

Although the VR game is putting mechanics have improved. They can still use some refinement. While accurate, they don’t match the realism of games like Walkabout Mini Golf. Developers should focus on enhancing the putting feel to offer a more authentic golfing experience.

Customization Options for Personalized Gameplay

Golf+ VR boasts an extensive range of customization options. It allows players to adjust the difficulty, tee position, pin position, wind speed, and green speed before each round. Match with players of similar difficulty settings for a fair multiplayer experience.

Immersive Graphics and Courses

Featuring stylized and visually appealing graphics, Golf+ VR creates an immersive environment that transports players to various courses. The meticulously crafted courses include real-world locations like TPC Sawgrass and Pebble Beach. It offers diverse challenges and unique environments.

The Shot Analyzer’s Impact on Your Game

The VR’s Shot Analyzer is a valuable tool for practice, providing immediate feedback on swing path and clubface angle at impact. This feature helps players understand their shots better and improves decision-making on the course.

Improving Your Real-Life Golf Game

Though not a true simulator, the game VR has the potential to enhance your real-life golf skills by honing your decision-making, course management, and shot selection abilities. The virtual environment allows players to practice various shots and understand how factors like wind and elevation impact their shots.

Pro Putt and Topgolf for Added Fun

Besides, in  the main game, players can enjoy Pro Putt, offering attractive and challenging putting courses, and Topgolf mode, providing a range of golf and non-golf games to play. These additional modes ensure a diverse and enjoyable gaming experience.


Golf+ VR on Quest 2 delivers a compelling virtual gaming experience. It now offers various game modes, realistic swing mechanics, and customizable options. If you are looking for something new, try iron man on quest 2. Despite some limitations, the game’s immersive graphics and meticulously crafted courses contribute to its appeal. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner looking to improve your skills, Golf+ VR provides an enjoyable and worthwhile VR gaming experience.


Can I play Golf+ VR on any VR headset? 

Golf+ VR is available exclusively for Meta headsets, including Quest 2, Quest Pro, and Rift headsets via the Oculus app on PC. Ensure you have a compatible headset before purchasing the game.

How much does Golf+ VR cost?

The base game is available on the Oculus Store for $29.99. Additionally, you can purchase DLC courses for prices ranging from $7.99 to $14.99.

What is the realism level in Golf+ VR?

 The  VR game strikes a balance between being a simulator and a video game. It offers adjustable difficulty levels, allowing you to experience a more realistic golfing 

environment by considering factors like wind, elevation, lie, and club selection.

Does Golf+ VR require a VR golf club attachment for a better experience? 

The VR golf club controller attachment significantly enhances the gameplay experience, providing a more authentic golf swing feel than the default VR controller.

Can Golf+ VR improve my real-life golf skills? 

While not a true simulator, the VR game can help improve decision-making, course management, and shot selection. The Shot Analyzer tool provides valuable feedback, aiding players in understanding their swing and shots better.

Source: Golf Plus VR Review: Swinging Into The Future Of VR Golf | (2023, April 13).

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