Metaverse Concerts in iHeartland

Image Source: iHeartMedia

Ready to jam in Metaverse concerts? IHeartMedia is building its first virtual world on Fortnite. This world is named iHeartLand.

As a component of the bigger Web3 strategy that iHeart, the radio industry powerhouse is implementing, iHeart first revealed intentions in January to build its very own branded virtual world on third-party platforms such as Roblox. The unveiling of iHeartMedia’s virtual world took place on Wednesday with the launch of iHeartLand in Fortnite. According to executives who spoke with The Hollywood Reporter, this launch will serve as a testing ground for future iterations of iHeartLand on other games that involve the creation of virtual worlds.

Players will have the opportunity to explore the virtual island, participate in the games, take selfies on the red carpet, and watch performances on the main stage, which is called State Farm Park. Over the course of the next year, it is anticipated that State Farm Park will play host to twenty events featuring popular iHeart podcasters and musicians. Mini games that will be available at launch include a car racing game that takes place on an iHeart-shaped racetrack, an obstacle course that is set in the clouds, a building game, and a game that is similar to musical chairs and requires players to jump from various colored tiles and avoid landing on certain colors. When users participate in these activities, they will have the opportunity to earn “gold,” which is a currency exclusive to the iHeartLand area of Fortnite and can be spent on things like as pyrotechnics and Boogie Bombs, which are similar to grenades and cause player avatars to dance when they are detonated.

However, it is anticipated that the primary attraction of iHeartLand will be the main stage, which will launch its series of activities with a performance by Charlie Puth on September 9. This concert follows in the footsteps of other in-game performances in Fortnite by musicians like as Ariana Grande and Travis Scott; however, Puth will not appear as an avatar in iHeartLand as Grande and Scott did in their respective gigs. Instead, a 2D showing of Puth’s performance, which was previously filmed at the iHeartRadio theater in Burbank, would be shown on the big screen at State Farm Park. The event was taped before it ever took place.

In addition to the concert, which will include new songs from Puth’s next album, fans will have the opportunity to take part in an interactive trivia game. During the game, Puth will ask a series of questions, and fans will win XP coins for providing the proper answers. On October 7, there will be a separate album release celebration for Charlie, the next album by Charlie Puth, which will take place in iHeartLand.

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