Apple Vision Pro: Should I Buy It?

Apple Vision Pro

Hey there, folks! Today, we’re diving straight into the latest tech sensation – the Apple Vision Pro. Priced at $3500, this VR headset is causing quite a stir in the tech world. But is it worth the hype? Let’s unbox this bad boy and delve into some first impressions. And try to get answer of the question should I buy Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro: Should I Buy It?

Right off the bat, Apple nails it with the unboxing experience. The sleek design and attention to detail are evident from the get-go. The protective blindfold and premium feel scream quality. But does the performance match the aesthetics?

Upon inspection, the Vision Pro boasts a range of features, including buttons, cameras, and a battery pack. Speaking of accessories, Apple doesn’t disappoint with extras like a polishing cloth and cushioning for added comfort.


Despite its weight, the Vision Pro surprises with its ergonomic design. The adjustable single-band loop feels surprisingly snug, even for extended wear. And yes, I’ve swapped my glasses for contacts just to experience this firsthand.

Moving on to functionality, the Vision Pro impresses with its eye and hand tracking capabilities. Navigating through the interface feels intuitive, akin to playing a FPS game. 

The cursor follows your eye movements seamlessly, making interactions smooth and natural.

But how does it fare in real-world scenarios? Taking it out for a lunch break test, the Vision Pro proves its versatility. From browsing the web to enjoying music, the headset seamlessly integrates into daily activities.

Battery life, however, raises some concerns. Backup time is around 2 or 2.30 hours. The tethered setup with the battery pack is both a blessing and a curse. While it offers portability, the limited battery capacity might leave you wanting more.


App support is another aspect worth mentioning. While the native app selection is decent, the lack of support from major players like YouTube and Netflix is disappointing. Third-party alternatives exist, but they’re not as seamless as native integration.

Pairing Options 

Spatial tracking is where the Vision Pro shines. The immersive experience, coupled with virtual environments, opens up a world of possibilities. From productivity to entertainment, the headset transforms your surroundings with ease.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. The pass-through feature, while functional, falls short of expectations. The resolution is decent, but it lacks the wow factor seen in competitors like the Quest 3.

Pairing the Vision Pro with AirPods Pro 2 unlocks high-res audio capabilities, a unique feature that adds value to the overall experience. The seamless integration between devices is a testament to Apple’s ecosystem.

And let’s not forget the Mac virtual display feature. Using the Vision Pro as a secondary monitor offers a glimpse into the future of computing. The seamless transition between devices showcases the power of integration.

The Apple Vision Pro is a remarkable piece of tech. While it may not be a must-have for everyone, it’s certainly a game-changer for early adopters. With its sleek design, intuitive interface, and immersive experience, it’s a glimpse into the future of VR technology.

So, should you buy the Apple Vision Pro?

It depends. If you’re a tech enthusiast with a hefty budget, go for it. But if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, you might want to wait for future iterations. Regardless, the Vision Pro is a step towards a more immersive and connected future. To get more features you should wait for the next version. Hope just like the phones Apple will also start launching different versions of Apple Pro. There are so many sections that need to be improved including weight, battery life, etc. 


My journey with the Apple Vision Pro has been nothing short of transformative. From the sleek design and comfort to the immersive experience and innovative features, the Vision Pro represents the future of computing. While it may not yet be a must-have for everyone, it offers a tantalizing glimpse into the possibilities of augmented reality and mixed reality. As technology continues to evolve, the Vision Pro stands at the forefront of innovation, paving the way for a new era of computing.


Why is the Apple Vision Pro so expensive?

The Apple Vision Pro commands a high price due to the incredible amount of technology packed into the product. One of the significant factors contributing to its cost is the main processor, which includes Apple’s M2 chip, the same chip used in the MacBook Air, and the R1 chip, a custom processor designed to handle video feeds and other sensors on the device.

Is Apple Vision Pro a success?

Yes, Apple Vision Pro has been a success. Reports indicate that Apple has sold 200,000 Vision Pro headsets, surpassing expectations and indicating strong consumer interest in the product.

Is Apple Vision Pro VR or AR?

While commonly associated with augmented reality (AR), Apple’s Vision Pro is more akin to virtual reality (VR). Unlike traditional AR devices with see-through lenses, the front of the Vision Pro is not see-through, leading to a more immersive VR-like experience.

Is The Apple Vision Pro waterproof?

No, the Apple Vision Pro is not waterproof or water-resistant. It’s essential to avoid exposing the device to rain or fog, especially when used outside in a controlled environment like your backyard.

Is Apple Vision Pro the first of its kind?

Yes, Apple is positioning the Vision Pro as the first of its kind in the emerging “spatial computing” market. It combines elements of both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to create a unique spatial computing experience, setting it apart from other devices on the market.

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