Spider Man VR Review – Was It Really That Fun?

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Virtual reality (VR) has opened up exciting possibilities for experiencing our favorite superheroes in a whole new way. With the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming’s tie-in VR experience falling short of expectations, fans were eagerly awaiting a more ambitious attempt at capturing the web-slinging action. Sony Pictures Virtual Reality and CreateVR rose to the challenge with Spider-Man VR, offering players the first opportunity to truly swing through the city in VR. While the game has its flaws, it is undeniably the best Spider-Man VR title to date.

Spider-Man VR Game Review: Was It really good 

Swinging into Action

One of the most exhilarating aspects of being Spider-Man is the ability to swing through the city with ease. Far From Home VR finally delivers on this front, providing players with an “open” world to zip around in during its super-brief story segment and free-play mode. To swing, all you need to do is aim at a building, shoot a web-line, and pull yourself towards it. Within moments, you’ll find yourself gliding down city streets, experiencing a sense of weightlessness and imagining the wind rushing through your hair.

While the swinging mechanics are not as versatile or authentic as those found in the 

recent Spider-Man PS4 game, CreateVR has taken steps to ensure a comfortable experience. Locomotion feels more akin to Windlands’ grappling hooks, but it still manages to capture the fluidity and breathlessness of swinging. The game allows you to run up walls to gain ground and even jump from skyscrapers. Spider-Man offers a level of freedom that is unpredicted for a VR game based on Spider-Man.

Visual and Control Limitations

Unfortunately, the rest of the Far From Home VR experience falls short of the swinging mechanics’ excitement. The visual quality of New York City, even on PC VR headsets, is reminiscent of PS2-era visuals, with simplistic buildings, heavy pop-in, and blurry details. On PSVR, the visual downgrade is even more apparent, resulting in an unsightly experience.

Controls follow a similar trend. While web-swinging feels intuitive, general navigation can be challenging on a PC VR setup with 360-degree tracking. On PSVR, with its 180-degree tracking and cumbersome PlayStation Move controllers, the controls are even more frustrating. The controls can feel clunky and restrictive when playing Spider-Man using VR’s limitations.

The Combat Conundrum

One particularly disappointing aspect of the Far From Home VR experience is the combat section of the story. Players are tasked with avoiding incoming laser fire while shooting webs, but the execution leaves much to be desired. Players may feel more like a web-slinger still learning the ropes than a Spider-Man in his prime. The combat mechanics lack the finesse and polish expected from a Spider-Man game.

Voice acting by Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon adds a touch of authenticity. The dialogue lacks the natural banter Peter Parker and Ned Leeds share on the big screen. While the story segment of Far From Home VR is brief, the stilted and awkward dialogue detracts from the overall immersion.

A Guilty Pleasure

Despite its flaws, Spider-Man: Far From Home manages to be a guilty pleasure for fans of the web-slinger. As a free app, it’s hard to complain too much about the technical blemishes when the swinging mechanics are so enjoyable. Similar to the classic Spider-Man 2 game from 2004, which is fondly remembered for its swinging mechanics. Swinging through the city can overcome the game’s shortcomings. You can also go for a trip to sandbox vr.

Looking Ahead

Sony Pictures Virtual Reality and CreateVR have established a compelling template with Spider-Man: Far From Home VR. It’s only a matter of time before future Spider-Man titles refine and expand upon the existing mechanics. 

Spiderman VR Game: Final Verdict 

Spider-Man: Far From Home VR represents a step in the right direction for VR adaptations of the beloved superhero. 

It is true that the game is not perfect, especially when it comes to visual quality, control, and combat mechanisms. But it excels in delivering the exciting experience of swinging through the city as Spider-Man in an exhilarating way. In this game, players experience the freedom and weightlessness of web-swinging.

Spider-Man: Far From Home VR is a free app, so its technical limitations can be overlooked. Despite its shortcomings, the swinging mechanics alone make it a guilty pleasure for fans of the web-slinger. The template established by SPVR and CreateVR sets the stage for future Spider-Man VR games. This foundation will be built upon, refining and expanding gameplay mechanics to create an even more immersive and polished experience.

For now, Spider-Man: Far From Home VR stands as the best Spider Man experience yet, letting fans swing through the city as their favorite superhero. As VR technology continues to advance, it’s an exciting time for virtual reality adaptations. The potential for future Spider-Man VR experiences is certainly something to look forward to.


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